The Team and The Story | AfricaAfricaShop

Merikerttu Mutala
Shop Keeper and Administration

Suleman Akparibo
Production and Purchases

Tellervo Mutala

The Story of the Team

AfricaAfrica Team consists of family members. The married couple, Merikerttu and Suleman, is mainly in charge for the web shop, and the Finnish parents(-in-law) are giving advice on the background whenever needed.

The young couple has met on the train to Tampere, Finland, in the Summer of 2011 and ever since they have started to build up their life together. Merikerttu is a music and theatre practitioner, who has joined her parents’ business with AfricaAfricaShop. Suleman is a Ghanaian businessman, whose skills and knowledge have been vital for the web shop to exist. They have learned to live life together and separately because of schooling, work and family reasons. That means that they are used to travelling between Finland, Ghana and Great Britain. Actually, without all this travelling AfricaAfricaShop wouldn’t have started.
AfricaAfrica’s idea was born when the Finnish team members brought a couple of bags from Ghana to Finland. They were meant to be for their own use, but when the chief director saw the bags, he adored them. He taught that the colours in the bags were exceptional. The travellers saw the bags in a new light, and the idea of a web shop was established. At first, the idea seemed too challenging but when some weeks passed by, it was obvious that Erikoislaukku Oy – Specialbags Ltd would give it a go!

Now, in April 2015, we have organized the logistics between Ghana and Finland, we have selected our products from the Ghanaian handicraft professionals, and we have managed to open our web shop.
We sincerely hope that these products would delight our customers with their bright and strong colours. The fabrics are remarkable, and we are proud to bring them available in Finland. We also want to enhance the knowledge of Ghanaian handicraft skills today.
Hopefully our story will get you excited about carrying a piece of Africa in your everyday life!