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Information About Our Online Shop

AfricaAfrica is an online shop for African bags and accessories. Our wish is to bring beautiful, unique, stylish and colourful products within reach for our customers.

We want to enhance equal and respectful business between the Finnish and West-African entrepreneurs. AfricaAfrica creates work opportunities for West-African handy craft professionals. The business aims to diversify the Finnish market field of bags and accessories with these unique and refreshing products.

The selection of AfricaAfricaShop is produced in Ghana, West Africa. The design of the products is a proof of the high professionality of our producers, and we are proud to bring this skill visible in Finland.

We are part of Erikoislaukku Oy – Specialbags Ltd, which has produced bags with business-to-business –idea for over 30 years in Loimaa factory. More information about the company you can find here:

We are located in Loimaa, Southwest Finland.