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Terms & Conditions

AfricaAfricaShop is an online shop of the company Mutala Oy. You can find more details about our company from the left hand side of this page under the banner “AfricaAfrica”.

We only deliver to domestic destinations at the moment (Finland). Our aim is to start deliveries to abroad in the near future.

Order Instructions

When ordering from AfricaAfrica, click the product(s) you would like to purchase and add them to your cart. When you’ve finished choosing products, move to the payment section.
Our payment service helps you to move onwards step by step.
We only agree payments made online through Finnish online bank services.

Please fill in all the required fields – otherwise all the delivery methods can’t appear properly!

We will ask your personal contact details to be able to send the products to you. Also, if there are any problems or enquiries during the process, we are then able to contact you.

Once the payment has been made, you will receive a confirmation of order.


We accept the payments made through all Finnish online bank services. Once you click your bank’s logo button, you will be transferred to the electronic payment section.

Delivery Conditions

We will send all our products through Posti Oy’s post services. The customer can pick up the small packages from Posti’s parcel automat. The automat service enquires a telephone number where the PIN code for the automat will be sent!
The big packages and big (cargo) letters can be picked up from the nearest post office once a customer has received the notification of product’s arrival.
The basic letters will arrive as basic post deliveries.

The delivery time is 1-2 weeks. Only the name wristbands can take up to 4 week to be delivered because they are produced uniquely.

The deliver costs can be seen on the left hand side of this page under the “Delivery Costs” –banner.

Cancellation of Order and Return Instructions

Every customer has the right to cancel the trade contract within 14 days, starting from the date when the parcel is received.
The customer has also the right to cancel the contract before the parcel has been delivered.
However, the customer doesn’t have the right to cancel the contract if the purchased product has personal requirements on it. (Such as our wristbands with personal names.)
The cancellation can be done with the cancellation form sent with the purchased product or by email.
The entrepreneur is obliged to react on the cancellation notice immediately after receiving it.

The customer is responsible for the costs of returning the product. The maximum costs of the returning are, in general, the same as the delivery costs of the product.

The return will be done to the address given on the cancellation form and on the contact details of the online shop web pages. (Same address)

The product has to be returned in good condition and preferably with the wrapping plastics. The plastics can be removed around the product.
IF the condition of the product has been diminished during the time it has been in the hands of the customer, the customer is responsible for the diminished value of the product.
In this case, the entrepreneur will return only the new, lower value of the product to the customer’s bank account.

The entrepreneur is responsible for the disappearance and damage happened to the product during its delivery.

Refund of the Payment in Case of Cancellation and Product Return

In the case of returning the product, the entrepreneur is obliged to refund the payments of the customer to him/her within 14 days, starting from receiving of the cancellation notice. This also includes the delivery costs of the product according to the most economical standard delivery rate. (If the customer has chosen more expensive ways of delivery, then the entrepreneur is obliged to pay the delivery costs only up to the most economic ways of delivery.)

The entrepreneur has to make the refund in the same way as the customer has made the payment. The payments made through online bank have to be returned to the customer’s announced bank account.
The credit card payment will be refunded to the credit card account.

The refund of payment must not cause any costs to the customer.

The customer doesn’t get all the payment parts back if the product has clearly and essentially changed or if its value has lowered after the finalisation of the entrepreneur’s delivery.

The entrepreneur has the right to refuse from refunding the payments until he/she has got the product back or when the customer shows an appropriate statement that he/she has sent the product back to the entrepreneur’s established address.

In case that the entrepreneur doesn’t refund the money on time, the customer has the right for the legal extra interest according to the law.